Optimizing Audio Files

Beyond deleting unused audio files, Logic Pro also allows you to delete unused portions of audio files. This usually frees up a lot of wasted space on the hard disk.

To delete sections of audio files that are no longer used in the project
  1. Select the audio files that you want to optimize in the Audio Bin.

    The Edit > Select Used menu should be your first option. Optimize Files can be used on any number of audio files.

  2. Choose Audio File > Optimize Files (or use the corresponding key command, default assignment:  Control-O) in the Audio Bin.

The following happens during the Optimize Files function:

  • Logic Pro determines which (file) segments are not contained in any of the regions used in the Arrange area.

  • These segments are deleted, and the remaining portions of the audio file (those used by regions) are retained. These file segments are aligned side-by-side in the file.

    Note: For safety reasons, the Optimize Files function uses a pre- and post-roll area of one second of audio data before and after each (used) region.

  • The regions in the Audio Bin are redefined.

  • The project is automatically saved.

Warning: As this process physically deletes data from the storage medium, it cannot be undone.