Removing Silent Passages from a Selected Region

This section outlines the steps involved in the Strip Silence process. For full details about the parameters, see Getting to Know the Strip Silence Window.

To remove silent passages from a selected region
  1. Set the parameters in the Strip Silence window by using the mouse as a slider, entering numerical values directly, or clicking the up and down arrows.

    Figure. Strip Silence window.

    Note: Depending on the audio material, all parameters can have an effect on the number and division of regions. You may need to experiment a little to obtain favorable results. Every time you alter a parameter, the graphic display of the region changes accordingly.

  2. Click OK.

    If you selected a region that is used in the Arrange area, a dialog asks if you want to replace the original region in the Arrange area with the new regions.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to replace the region in the Arrange area with regions created by the Strip Silence function, click Replace or press Return. This ensures that the relative timing of the individual audio segments remains unaltered.

    • If you only want the new regions to appear in the Audio Bin, click No. You can then add them to the Arrange window, using any of the methods available.