Automatic Tempo Matching

The following audio files automatically match the project tempo and will follow any tempo changes made in the global Tempo track.

Imported ReCycle files can also follow the project tempo. (See Adding ReCycle Files to Your Project.)

Audio files that follow the project tempo (and first key signature) are flagged with the Follow Tempo symbol, both in the Arrange area and in the Audio Bin tab.

Figure. Follow Tempo symbol on audio region.

All other imported audio requires adjustment of either the region or the project tempo.

To make recorded audio files follow the project tempo (and first key signature)
  • Select the audio region in the Arrange area, and select the Follow Tempo option in the Inspector’s Region Parameter box.

Figure. Follow Tempo checkbox in Region Parameter box.

The Follow Tempo option is synchronized for all regions that make use of the same audio file.

Note: The Follow Tempo option does not create an Apple Loops file. Apple Loops follow chord changes; if you record a solo over an arrangement consisting of Apple Loops with transposition changes over time, you might want to select Follow Tempo for your solo, but you won’t be happy with the double transpositions that will occur.

You also have the option of converting imported audio to Apple Loops.

To convert a selected audio region into an Apple Loops file
  • Choose Region > Add to Apple Loops Library in the Arrange area.

    This method sets transients that are based on the project’s tempo information.

For more information about creating Apple Loops, see Creating Apple Loops in Logic Pro.