Using Sample Editor Loop Functions

The Sample Editor Loop functions, available from the Edit menu, are ideal for use with the EXS24 mkII sampler. For details about the EXS24 mkII, see the Logic Pro Instruments manual.

You can also use these functions to generate audio files that contain the loop settings in the file header. This allows you to make full use of these files in any application that can read the loop information in the file header.

To use the Sample Editor Loop commands
  1. Choose either of the following selection commands from the Edit menu:

    • Sample Loop → Selection:  The loop area (defined by the loop start and end points) is used to select a portion of the overall audio file.

    • Selection → Sample Loop:  The selected area is used to set the loop start and end points.

  2. Choose Edit > Write Sample Loop to Audio File.

The new loop values will be written to the file header.