Using Varispeed to Alter Playback Speed and Pitch

You can use the Varispeed mode to speed up or slow down a project between −50% and +100%—which equals between 50% and 200% of the original tempo.

Note: Varispeed affects the entire project, not just the flex-enabled audio tracks.

Varispeed provides a way to speed up or slow down the entire project, similar to the original varispeed feature of tape machines. The most practical use for this option is checking how a project might sound at a faster or slower tempo, and for practicing and/or recording a performance at a lower speed.

To turn Varispeed mode on or off
  • Click the Varispeed button in the Transport bar (or use the Toggle Varispeed key command).

    Figure. Varispeed button in the Transport bar.

    When enabled, the Varispeed button and display glow orange.

    Figure. Varispeed button and display in the Transport bar.

    Note: If you don’t see the Varispeed button and display, Control-click the Transport bar, choose Customize Transport Bar from the shortcut menu, and select the Varispeed checkbox in the Display section.

The Varispeed mode has the following controls:

  • Varispeed button: Turns Varispeed mode on or off.