Turning MIDI Thru Off When Recording

When an External MIDI instrument track is selected in the Arrange area, its Record Enable button is automatically turned on, and the instrument will pass events through the computer (MIDI Thru function). You can turn off the MIDI Thru function by deactivating the Record Enable button.

However, there are situations where you may want to record to a track that is not automatically routed to a MIDI port, such as when you are performing a system exclusive (SysEx) dump from a device. Although many MIDI devices require a bidirectional—in and out—MIDI connection to allow this type of communication, some devices react strangely to incoming data, sent from Logic Pro’s MIDI Thru function. This can result in loss of data, devices not responding, and other unexpected behaviors.

If you want to record a memory dump from a device that is problematic when connected bidirectionally, disable the instrument’s MIDI Thru function.

To assign an instrument with a permanently disabled MIDI Thru function
  1. Open the MIDI project settings by doing one of the following:

    • Choose File > Project Settings > MIDI.

    • Click the Settings button in the Arrange toolbar, and choose MIDI from the pop-up menu.

  2. Click the General tab.

    Figure. General pane in the MIDI project settings.
  3. Open the Instrument Without MIDI Thru Function pop-up menu, and choose the desired instrument.