Audio Multitrack Recording

You can record audio to multiple tracks simultaneously. This is done by record-enabling the required arrange tracks, then starting to record. This allows you to record several instruments at once, placing each instrument on a separate arrange track.

Figure. Audio track header’s with Record Enable buttons turned on.
To record to multiple tracks simultaneously
  1. Click the Record Enable button on each arrange track you want to record to.

    Important: You cannot record-enable tracks that are set to the same input. Each track needs to be set to a different input.

  2. Set the playhead to the point where you want recording to start.

  3. Click the Record button in the Transport bar (or use the corresponding key command, default assignment:  *).

  4. Stop recording by clicking the Stop button in the Transport bar (or press the Space bar).

You now have a new audio region on each of the record-enabled tracks.

Figure. Arrange area with new audio regions on the three record-enabled tracks.