Scrubbing Your Arrangement

Scrubbing allows you to hear the audio and MIDI signals of regions at the playhead position, helping you to find a particular sonic event. This makes it easy to zero in on a particular kick or snare hit, for example, before cutting an audio region.

Note: Before MIDI scrubbing can occur, you need to turn on File > Project Settings > MIDI > General > Scrubbing with Audio in Arrange.

To scrub your project
  1. Set a zoom level that provides the best view of the section you want to scrub.

  2. Click the Pause button on the Transport bar.

  3. Grab the playhead in the Arrange area or Bar ruler, and move it back and forth through the parts of the project you want to hear, at the speed you want to scrub the section (or use the Scrub Rewind and Scrub Forward key commands).

Audio and MIDI data playback is perfectly synchronized when scrubbing.

Note: Scrubbing is automatically activated when you divide regions (with the Scissors tool) in the Arrange area, making it easier to identify the cut position.

Scrubbing Particular Regions

The following list outlines the relationship between scrubbing and region selection:

  • If no regions are selected, all regions are scrubbed.

  • If you select a specific audio region, only it is scrubbed.

  • If you drag to select or Shift-select audio regions on different tracks, only the selected audio regions are scrubbed.

  • MIDI regions (software and external MIDI) are always scrubbed, regardless of the selection status (provided that the Scrubbing with Audio in Arrange project setting is active).

  • The Mute or Solo status of all tracks and regions has an effect on what you hear when scrubbing, so you can make use of them to scrub audio parts in isolation (or with particular software or external MIDI instrument tracks).

MIDI-Controlled Scrubbing

The Scrub by MIDI value (-2-) function (available in the Controller Assignments window; see the Logic Pro Control Surfaces Support manual) is designed to allow scrubbing via external MIDI control. You can assign any MIDI controller number to this function. Data bytes over 64 scrub forward, and those under 64, scrub backward.