Creating Multiple Copies of Regions

You can make multiple copies of both audio and MIDI regions using the Repeat Regions command.

To make multiple copies of a region
  1. Select the region you want to make multiple copies of.

  2. Choose Region > Repeat Regions in the Arrange area’s local menu bar (or use the Repeat Regions/Events key command, default assignment:  Command-R).

  3. Set the following parameters in the Repeat Regions/Events window:

    Figure. Repeat Regions or Events dialog.
    • Number of Copies pop-up menu: Choose the number of copies you want (excluding the original).
    • Adjustment pop-up menu: Choose whether you want to position the region copy at the end of the selected regions (Auto), or snap the region copy to the chosen grid setting (Bar, Beat, Division, 1/96, Seconds, Frames, Quarter Frames).
    • As buttons: Select whether the repeats are copies, aliases (MIDI regions), or clones (audio regions) of the original.