Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Regions

You can select, remove, or replicate one or more regions from one part of an arrangement to another. In fact, you can use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands between the arrangements of two projects, if you wish.

To cut a region
  • Select the region, then choose Edit > Cut (or use the Cut key command, default assignment:  Command-X).

This action removes the region from the Arrange area and places it in the Clipboard.

To copy a region (method 1)
  • Option-drag the region to the desired Arrange position.

If Hyper Draw or automation is activated, you need to grab the region name area in order to copy it.

To copy a region (method 2)
  1. Select the region, then choose Edit > Copy (or use the Copy key command, default assignment:  Command-C).

    This action copies the selected region to the Clipboard.

  2. Set the playhead position by clicking the Bar ruler.

  3. Choose Edit > Paste (or press Command-V) to paste the contents of the Clipboard into the Arrange area. The paste occurs on the selected track at the playhead position.

    If several regions are selected, their relative time and track positions are retained.

Copied regions are actually true, independent replicas of original regions. Changes made to a parent region does not affect child copies.

If, instead, you do want this type of behavior—in which changes to the parent region affect child regions—make use of the Loop function (see Creating Region Loops), or create cloned or alias regions (see Creating Region Aliases).

When you copy an audio region, a new region is automatically created in the Audio Bin. The new region retains the name of the original, with a sequential number added. For example, kickingloop.1 will be the name of a region copy if the original region is called kickingloop. A second copy will be named kickingloop.2, a third kickingloop.3, and so on.

To paste a region at the same position as the copied region
  • Select the track you want to paste the region into, then choose Edit > Paste at Original Position (or use the corresponding key command).

Logic Pro inserts the copied region into the selected track, at the same position as the source region. This is useful if you want to copy a region to the same spot on a different track, to independently process or thicken the part, for example. This function is also ideal for creating layered MIDI or software instrument parts.