Using the EVP88 Global Parameters

Global parameters affect the entire EVP88 instrument, rather than specific electric piano models.

Figure. Global parameters.
  • Model dial: Drag vertically to choose among electric piano models. There are several Rhodes models available, such as the Mark I, Mark II and the Suitcase piano, plus Wurlitzer and Hohner Electra Models. You can read more about the simulated instruments in Electric Piano Models Emulated by the EVP88.

    Note: Whenever you select a new model, all currently sounding voices are muted, and all parameters are reset to standard values. Therefore, it is usually best to select the model before attempting to edit the effect and parameter settings.

  • Voices field: Sets the maximum number of voices that can sound simultaneously. Lowering the value of this parameter limits the polyphony of the EVP88. When the Voices parameter is set to 1, the instrument is monophonic. The maximum value is 88, allowing for glissandi over the entire keyboard range—with the sustain pedal depressed.
  • Tune field: Changes the tuning of the EVP88 in one-cent increments. A value of 0 equals concert pitch A (440 Hz). The range is plus or minus half a semitone.