Working with EVD6 Output Parameters

The parameters discussed in this section determine the overall level, and stereo behavior, of the EVD6.

Figure. Output parameters.
  • Stereo Spread parameter: This two-part parameter alters the stereo imaging of the EVD6 output—controlled by key position. This parameter also provides control of the pickup panning position.
  • Level knob: Determines the post-effect level, in dB (decibels).

    Note: MIDI controller 11 scales the output level—unless assigned to Wah or Damper control duties.

Setting the EVD6 Stereo Spread Parameters

Unlike the original D6, the EVD6 has a stereo output—which you configure with the Stereo Spread parameter. It is divided into two halves:  Key and Pickup.

The Pickup parameter allows you to spread the two pickup signals across the stereo spectrum—when both pickups are active (Upper+Lower and Upper-Lower pickup modes).

The Key parameter sets a key scale modulation of the panning position. In other words, the played keyboard note position determines the panning position.

You can use both spread types at the same time. They are automatically mixed. The ring around the Stereo Spread button graphically displays the effect of both parameters, as follows:

  • The pickup panning position is indicated by the small red lines in the ring.

  • The key scale range is indicated by the dark green areas.

To adjust the pickup position in the stereo field
  • Vertically drag in the lower (Pickup) half of the circular button. Higher Pickup values move the signals of both pickups away from the center position—one to the right, and the other to the left.

    Set this parameter to the maximum value for extreme left/right panning.

To adjust the keyboard position
  • Vertically drag in the upper (Key) half of the circular Stereo Spread button. The center position is MIDI note number 60 (C3).

    Set this parameter to the maximum value for extreme left/right panning (semitones) at MIDI note number 60.