EVD6 Architecture and Features

The EVD6 synthesis engine improves on the Hohner D6 Clavinet with a stereo, rather than mono, output, and has no noisy hardware components to compromise the sound quality. The 60-key range (F to E) of the original D6 has been extended across the full MIDI range (127 notes).

EVD6 uses a component modeling synthesis engine that not only simulates the basic sounds of the D6, but also the various string buzzes, key clicks, and the tone of the pickups found in the original instrument. The EVD6 accurately emulates the pluck and bite of the attack phase, as well as the sticking of the hammer pads. The sound generator reacts so smoothly, musically, and precisely to your playing, you can almost feel the strings beneath your keyboard.

EVD6 provides extensive sound control options. You can radically alter the tone of the instrument, enabling you to simulate an aging clavinet or to create some truly unique new timbres that have little in common with the sound of a clavinet.

EVD6 also incorporates an effects processor that provides classic wah wah, modulation, and distortion effects—often used with the original instrument. The effects were modeled on vintage effect pedals and adapted for optimized use in the EVD6.

If you would like more information about component modeling synthesis, see Component Modeling Synthesis.