Using the EVB3 Global Tone Parameters

You can adjust the EVB3 level, tuning, key click volume and other basic sound aspects using the parameters found in the lower-left part of the silver-gray section, and in the Organ section.

Figure. Global parameters.
  • Tune knob: Alters the EVB3 tuning in cents (percentages of a semitone). 0 c is equal to A = 440 Hz.
  • Click On/Click Off knobs: These knobs are level controls for the key click sound heard during note on and note off messages, respectively.
  • Pedal Click knob: This is a level control for the click sound of the pedal register.
  • Expression knob: The Expression knob is a sensitivity control for a connected expression pedal (if your MIDI keyboard is equipped with an Expression or assignable controller input). Extensive, often rhythmic use of the expression (volume) pedal forms part of the style of many organ players. The expression control also emulates the tonal changes of the B3 pre-amplifier—where bass and treble frequencies are not attenuated as much as the mid frequencies.

    Your master keyboard should transmit MIDI control change #11 when the pedal is moved. The EVB3 defaults to the use of CC #11 for Expression.

  • Volume knob: The Volume control sets the overall output level of the EVB3.

    Important: The Volume knob must be lowered whenever crackling or other digital distortion occurs. Volume levels over 0 dB can occur if you maximize the levels of all registers, play numerous notes, and make use of the Distortion effect.