Creating EFM1 Random Sound Variations

The Randomize facility (shown at the lower right of the interface) generates new sounds. It does this by randomly altering a number of key EFM1 parameter values.

This feature is ideal for creating subtle variations of a particular sound, or for creating totally new sounds when you’re feeling uninspired (or need a hand to get started with FM synthesis).

Figure. Randomize parameters.
To use the Randomize function
  • Click the Randomize button. You can click as often as you like, but remember to save your settings as you go, if you happen across a sound that you want to keep.

To limit the amount of randomization
  • Drag in the numeric field to determine the amount of randomization (variance from the original sound).

You should use values below 10% if you only want to randomly “tweak” the current sound.

Use higher values if you want to radically change the sound with each click.