Adjusting Global EFM1 Parameters

The global parameters are used to set the tuning, number of voices and other aspects of the EFM1’s overall sound.

Figure. Global parameters.
  • Tune field: Used to fine-tune the pitch of the EFM1 by cents. A cent is 1/100th of a semitone.
  • Unison button: Turn on the Unison button to layer two complete EFM1 voices, thus making the sound larger and fatter. The EFM1 can be played with (up to) 8-voice polyphony when in unison mode.
  • Glide field: Used to introduce a continuous pitch bend between two consecutively played notes. Adjust the Glide value (in ms) to determine the time it takes for the pitch to travel from the last played note to the next.

    Note: Glide can be used in both of the monophonic (mono and legato) modes, or in any of the polyphonic settings (Voices parameter = 2 to 16).