Using the ES1 Amplifier Parameters

The parameters in the ES1 Amplifier section allow you to fine-tune the behavior of your sound’s level. These are separate from the global Out Level parameter, found on the strip at the bottom of the interface, and which acts as the ES 1’s master volume (see Adjusting Global ES1 Parameters).

Figure. Amplfier parameters.
  • Level via Vel slider: Determines how note velocity affects the synthesizer level-set by the global Out Level parameter. The slider’s upper arrow indicates the level when you play fortissimo. The lower arrow indicates the level when you play pianissimo (velocity = 1). The greater the distance between the arrows (indicated by the blue bar), the more the volume is affected by incoming velocity messages. You can simultaneously adjust the modulation range and intensity by dragging the blue bar-between the arrows-and moving both arrows at once.
  • Amplifier Envelope Selector buttons: The AGateR, ADSR, and GateR buttons define which of the ADSR envelope generator controls have an effect on the amplifier envelope (see Using the Envelope to Control the ES1 Amplifier).