Using the ES E Output Parameters

The ES E output stage consists of the Volume section and the Chorus/Ensemble buttons.

Figure. Output parameters.
  • Volume knob: Sets the overall output level of the ES E.
  • Velo Volume knob: Sets the amount (depth) of velocity sensitivity to incoming MIDI note events. When it is set to higher values, each note is louder, if struck more firmly. At lower values, the dynamic response is reduced, so that there is little difference when you play a note pianissimo (soft) or forte (loud/hard).
  • Chorus I, Chorus II, and Ensemble buttons: Click to switch any of these effect variations on or off.
    • Chorus I and Chorus II are typical chorus effects.

    • Chorus II is characterized by a stronger modulation.

    • The Ensemble effect employs a more complex modulation routing, creating a fuller and richer sound.

    • If none of the buttons is active, the effects processor is turned off.