Using the ES E Oscillators

The synthesizer oscillator generates a waveform, which is then sent to other portions of the synthesizer engine for processing or manipulation.

Figure. Oscillator parameters.
  • Wave knob: Selects the waveform of the oscillator, which is responsible for the basic color of the tone. The leftmost setting of the Wave parameter causes the oscillators to output sawtooth signals. Across the remaining range, the oscillators output pulse waves, with the average pulse width being defined by the Wave parameter position.
  • 4, 8, 16 buttons: Allow you to switch the pitch in octaves (transpose it up or down). The lowest setting is 16 feet, and the highest is 4 feet. The use of the term feet to determine octaves comes from the measurements of organ pipe lengths. The longer (and wider) the pipe, the deeper the tone.