Ultrabeat Tutorial:  Creating Metallic Sounds

If you want to create metallic sounds with Ultrabeat, the ring modulator and the Model oscillator are the ideal tools.

To use the ring modulator
  1. Load the Standard Tutorial sound.

  2. Activate a phase oscillator and the Model oscillator. Choose a pitch for each oscillator above C3 so that a slightly detuned interval is created.

  3. In the Material Pad of the Model oscillator, choose a setting with plenty of overtones, as in the figure below.

  4. Set the volume of each oscillator to a value of −60 dB, and click “ring mod” to turn on the ring modulator.

You’ve just created a bell-like sound that you can filter with a high resonance value if required.

Note: You can find a similar sound listed as Ring Bell at a pitch of A2 in the Tutorial Kit.