Exporting Ultrabeat Patterns as MIDI Regions

Patterns programmed in Ultrabeat’s internal step sequencer can be exported as MIDI regions into the Arrange area of Logic Pro.

To export an Ultrabeat pattern into the Logic Pro Arrange area
  1. Choose the desired pattern in Ultrabeat’s Pattern menu.

  2. Select the area to the left of the pattern menu.

    Figure. “Drag to Arrange Window” button.
  3. Drag the pattern to the desired position on the respective Ultrabeat track.

A region is created, containing all MIDI events, including Swing and Accent parameter settings. Accents are interpreted as polyphonic pressure events. Step automation events, created in Step mode, are also exported as part of the MIDI region.

Note: To avoid double-triggering while playing back the exported MIDI region, you may want to turn off Ultrabeat’s internal sequencer.