Using the Ultrabeat Ring Modulator

Ring modulation is a powerful tool for the creation of inharmonic, metallic, bell-like sounds. Ultrabeat’s ring modulator functions as an independent sound source—its signal can bypass or be sent into the filter, independent of the Oscillator 1 and 2 signals. Its volume can also be regulated.

Important: Although the ring modulator signal is independent of the signals generated by Oscillators 1 and 2, both oscillators need to be enabled if you want to use the ring modulator signal. As the ring modulator is reliant on the signals of both oscillators to produce an output signal, it is automatically muted when one of the oscillators is switched off.

The actual sound produced by the ring modulator is largely dependent on the parameter settings of both oscillators. In particular, the tuning relationships of each oscillator have a direct effect on the sound of the ring modulator signal. The individual levels of the oscillators, however, have no effect on the process (or output) of ring modulation.

Figure. Ring Modulator.