Using Sculpture’s Waveshaper

The Waveshaper imposes a nonlinear shaping curve on each voice of the signal coming from the pickups and amplitude envelope. This reshaped signal is then passed on to the filter. This is quite similar to the waveshaping of oscillators in synthesizers such as Korg’s O1/W.

Figure. Waveshaper parameters.
Variation controls
Value of 0.0
Negative values
Positive values
Wet/dry ratio
Provides shaped signal only.
Reduce shaped signal and add dry signal.
Raise shaped signal and add phase-inverted dry signal, making sound sharper.
  • SoftSat

  • Tube Dist.

  • Scream

Bias—which alters the symmetry of the shaping curve.
Results in symmetrical shaping.
Alter symmetry.
Alter symmetry.