Sculpture Tutorial:  Modulations

The modulation options can be very important for the emulation of acoustic instruments, such as with the introduction of vibrato into a trumpet sound over time.

Many classic synthesizer sounds also rely as much on modulation as they do on the basic sound source components—the VCO, VCF, and VCA.

Here are a number of quick modulation tips:

Breath control is available when you use Sculpture, even if you don’t own a breath controller.

To use breath control without a breath controller
  1. Record breath controller modulations into the recordable envelopes by using your keyboard modulation wheel or another controller.

  2. Reassign the recorded modulation path to either, or both, the CtrlEnv 1 and CtrlEnv 2 parameters.

  3. Choose NoteOn from the Record Trigger pop-up menu. Incoming note-on messages will trigger the CtrlEnv 1 and 2 parameters.