Assigning MIDI Controllers in Sculpture

The bottom strip of the Sculpture interface is used to define MIDI controllers—for vibrato depth control or Morph Pad movements, for example. You can use any MIDI controller shown in the menus for these control sources.

These parameters are saved with each setting. They are updated only if the default setting that is loaded on instantiating the plug-in is used, or if the setting was saved with a project. This approach helps you to adapt all MIDI controllers to the keyboard, without having to edit and save each setting separately.

Figure. Controller section.
To assign a controller
  • Open the desired control menu, and choose the controller name/number that you want to use from the list.

To learn a controller assignment via MIDI
  1. Open the desired control menu, and choose the -Learn- item.

  2. Move the desired controller on your MIDI keyboard or controller.

Note: If no suitable MIDI message is received within 20 seconds, the selected control will revert to the previous value/assignment.