EXS24 mkII Output Parameters

The output parameters define the level—the perceived volume—of a played note. The change in level over time is controlled by an envelope generator.

ENV2 is hard-wired to the dynamic stage of the EXS24 mkII—it is always used to control the level of each note. For a description of all the envelope parameters, see Getting to Know the EXS24 mkII Envelopes (ENV 1 and ENV 2).

Figure. Output parameters.
  • Level via Vel slider: Determines how velocity affects the volume of the sound. The upper half of the slider determines the volume when the keyboard is struck at maximum velocity, and the lower half determines the volume when the keyboard is struck at minimum velocity. Drag the area between the two slider segments to move both simultaneously.
  • Volume knob: Acts as the main volume parameter for the EXS24 mkII. Adjust to find the balance between no distortion and getting the best—the highest—resolution in the channel strip and the Level via Vel slider.
  • Key Scale field: Modulates the sampler instrument level by note number—position on the keyboard. Negative values increase the level of lower notes. Positive values increase the level of higher notes. This is useful when emulating a number of acoustic instruments, where higher-pitched notes are often louder than low notes.