EXS24 mkII Features

EXS24 mkII is used to play, edit, and create sampler instruments. You can assign the samples in sampler instruments to particular key and velocity ranges, and process them with the EXS24 mkII filters and modulators.

EXS24 mkII offers powerful modulation and editing features for an instrument of its type, and is a flexible synthesizer in its own right. This enables you to create expressive sounds by using any sample as a basic synthesizer “waveform.”

EXS24 mkII can be used as a mono/stereo instrument, or you can route loaded samples to multiple outputs. This allows you to independently process individual drum sounds in a drum kit, for example.

Samples of almost unlimited length can be used in EXS24 mkII, by “streaming” them directly from a hard disk. This opens the door to many of the multigigabyte sample libraries available.

EXS24 mkII provides an extensive library of sampler instruments that offers piano, string, acoustic and electric guitar, drum, and many other sounds.

If you wish to extend your sonic repertoire, the EXS24 mkII native file format—the EXS format—is supported by most sample library providers. You can also import sampler instruments in the AKAI S1000 and S3000, SampleCell, Gigasampler, DLS, and SoundFont2 sample file formats.