Mackie Control: Automation Buttons

The Automation buttons activate the corresponding automation modes in Logic Pro: Read/Off, Touch, Latch, and Write. You use the Automation buttons in conjunction with the channel strip SELECT buttons, as follows:

To set the automation mode for a channel
  1. Press the SELECT button on the channel strip that you want to automate.

  2. Press the appropriate Automation mode button.

  3. Move the channel strip’s fader, turn the V-Pot, or use the Solo or Mute button.

The automation modes are outlined below:

Pressing one of the Automation buttons while holding down the OPTION button assigns the selected automation mode to all channels. When an automation mode has been assigned to all channels, the corresponding automation mode button LED illuminates whenever you hold down the OPTION button.

Important: This behavior is slightly different for the Off automation mode. When holding down the OPTION button and pressing Read/Off, the LEDs for the other Automation buttons are unlit, but this does not necessarily indicate that all channel strips are in Off mode—they could still be set to other modes. To ensure that you have set all channel strips to Off mode, press Read/Off twice while holding down the OPTION button. The Read/Off button LED turns on, then off.

Mackie Control: GROUP Button

Pressing the GROUP button activates Group Edit mode, allowing you to edit various Mixer group parameters.

In Group Edit mode:

  • The upper row of the LCD displays channel strip names.

  • The lower row of the LCD displays group parameters.

  • The Assignment display shows the currently displayed group—G1, for example.

  • The Time display shows the group name. (If the name is longer than ten characters, the last ten characters are displayed.)

  • You can switch between group parameters with the V-Pot buttons.

  • The Cursor Up and Cursor Down buttons select the previous or next group.

  • The Cursor Left and Cursor Right buttons shift the group parameter display.

  • The SELECT buttons determine group membership. Pressing a SELECT button adds the channel strip to the group (or removes it from the group, if already a member). An illuminated SELECT button LED indicates active group membership.

  • The LED next to the GROUP button is illuminated.

Note: Ensure that the ZOOM button isn’t active when using the cursor buttons.

If Group Edit mode is off, holding down the GROUP button and pressing one or more SELECT buttons allows you to create a new group.

Pressing the GROUP button while holding down the SHIFT button creates a new group, opens the Group window, and activates Group Edit mode.

Pressing the GROUP button while holding down the TRACK button switches to Mixer view, with the channel strip group parameter shown. It displays the group that the selected channel strip belongs to. Multiple group membership is displayed as in the Mixer window. Turning a V-Pot changes group membership.

Note: You can only select one group (or Off) with this function.