Mackie Control: Global View Zone

You can use the eight buttons in the Global View zone to display (and edit) specific types of channel strips. Pressing any of the buttons in the Global View zone activates All View mode; when this mode is active, the green LED to the right of the GLOBAL VIEW button is illuminated.

When you press one of the buttons in the Global View zone, the corresponding type of channel strip appears in the main LCD. You can edit each channel strip with the corresponding channel strip controls. Pressing multiple buttons (Audio Tracks, Instruments, and Aux, for example) displays all channels of the selected types.

To view (and edit) multiple All View channel strips
  • While holding down any button in the Global View zone, press another button to add this channel strip type to those currently displayed. If a channel strip type is already displayed, pressing its button removes it from the display.

    As an example, to display both the audio and output channel strips, hold down the AUDIO TRACKS button, then press the OUTPUTS button.