Assigning Controllers to Logic Pro Parameters

You can assign any controller that is capable of generating a MIDI message to a parameter in Logic Pro. Assigning controllers to Logic parameters lets you use faders, knobs, switches, and other controllers to remotely control Logic functions. These can be used “as is,” or in conjunction with modifier keys.

Most supported control surfaces include preset controller assignments that become active when you add the device to your system. You can change existing assignments for supported control surfaces, and create new assignments for both supported and unsupported devices. For example, the default assignments of the F1 to F7 buttons on the Mackie Control open screensets 1 to 7 in Logic Pro. You can reassign these control surface buttons to other Logic commands—either alone or in conjunction with the Command, Shift, Option, and Control modifier buttons (on the control surface)—in any combination.

You can assign controllers to parameters in Logic’s Controller Assignments window, using the Learn process. The Controller Assignments window has two views: a compact Easy view, where you can assign channel strip and plug-in parameters; and the more extensive Expert view, where you can create and edit any type of controller assignment, including global, automation, and control surface group assignments.