Setting Up Your Yamaha DM1000

Follow the steps below before using your DM1000 with Logic Pro.

To set up your system with Logic Pro
  1. On the DM1000 device:

    1. Press the DISPLAY ACCESS [SETUP] button repeatedly, until the Setup > MIDI/Host page is visible.

    2. Use the cursor buttons to move to the DAW parameter box in the SPECIAL FUNCTIONS section, and rotate the parameter wheel to select USB and 1–3.

    3. Press the DISPLAY ACCESS [REMOTE] button, and then press the [F1] button. The Remote 1 page is displayed.

    4. Rotate the parameter wheel to choose General DAW as the TARGET parameter.

    5. Press the LAYER [REMOTE 1] button.

  2. In Logic Pro:

    When you open Logic Pro, the DM1000 device is installed automatically. You should see two DM1000 icons in the Setup window, aligned horizontally.