About Software and Firmware

Most control surfaces depend on Logic Pro for their functionality, and cannot be operated if Logic Pro is not running. They do not provide any additional functionality that is not available in Logic Pro itself. One advantage of this approach is that as new functions are added to Logic Pro, or as you create new assignments, your control surface will be able to access and control them.

Most control surface units do include a form of software called firmware. Firmware is similar to the low-level boot software found in your computer, mobile phone, iPod, and so on.

New behaviors, such as improved control of motorized faders and changes to the display, can be provided by firmware updates. You should periodically check the manufacturer’s website for your device, to check for updates that may enhance use or performance.

The firmware is usually stored on an EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) chip. It can often be updated via a simple MIDI dump procedure, in the form of a MIDI file. Should new firmware become available, you can simply download the appropriate MIDI file and play it (from Logic Pro) to your control surfaces, which will be updated accordingly. The steps required to perform a firmware update will be outlined in the documentation that accompanies the MIDI file. Read this before attempting any update.

Note: Some control surfaces may require that you physically replace the chip for firmware updates. Contact the manufacturer of your device for details.