Setting Up Your Tascam US-2400

Follow the steps below to use your Tascam US-2400 with Logic Pro.

To set up the Tascam US-2400 for use with Logic Pro
  1. Make sure that your US-2400 control surfaces are connected to the computer via USB.

  2. Ensure that the US-2400 is in Native mode. Consult your US-2400 manual for more information on this setting.

  3. Open Logic Pro.

    Your control surfaces are scanned for, and installed, automatically.

Using the US-2400 in Native or Mackie Control Emulation Mode

The US-2400 is capable of running in both Native and Mackie Control emulation modes. If the unit is set up in Mackie Control emulation mode, and the native support plug-in is installed in the Logic Pro program bundle, Logic Pro will detect a US-2400 native control surface and a Mackie Control, plus two Extender (XT) units.

If you want to run the US-2400 in Mackie Control mode, you should remove the US-2400 plug-in from the Logic Pro application bundle. Logic Pro will then detect a Mackie Control plus two Extender (XT) units (the appropriate setup for the US-2400 in Mackie Control emulation mode), when you scan for control surfaces.

The button layout of the Mackie Control differs from that of the Tascam US-2400. When running the Tascam US-2400 in Mackie Control mode, certain controllers are not accessible (the Joystick, for example). Given these restrictions, use of the Tascam US-2400 in Mackie Control mode is not recommended. If you choose to do so, refer to the documentation supplied with the Tascam US-2400 for details.