Setting Up Your Roland SI-24

Follow the steps below before using your control surface with Logic Pro.

To use both the audio and MIDI controller features of the SI-24
  • Ensure that your SI-24 units are connected to the RPC card with the (included) cable. This connector provides both digital audio and MIDI connections.

  • Make sure that the appropriate driver software is installed, and functioning correctly.

Note: The RPC card is a PCI device, and is not compatible with (most) G5, and all Intel-based Mac computers, which only offer PCIe interfacing.

To use the SI-24 as a control surface
  • Connect the unit bidirectionally with two free (not used by other devices) MIDI interface ports.

    When used as a control surface, the SI-24 can be used with all Mac systems that are capable of running Logic Pro. Obviously, you will require another device for audio input and output.

To scan for your Roland SI-24 unit
  1. Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Setup.

  2. Choose Install in the New menu.

  3. Select Roland SI-24 in the Install window.

  4. Click the Scan button.

    Logic Pro scans for, and automatically installs, your control surface.