Mackie C4: Using V-Pots and V-Select Buttons

The C4 provides 32 V-Pots, laid out in four horizontal rows.

Each V-Pot features an integrated V-Select button, which is activated by pressing the (V-Pot) knob top.

The function or parameter assigned to each V-Pot/V-Select button depends on the current view mode (see Mackie C4: View Modes), and chosen overlay (see Mackie C4: Assignment Buttons).

V-Pots and V-Selects 1 to 8

When no overlay is active, V-Pots 1 to 8 (the top row) normally perform in the same way as their counterparts on a Mackie Control or Mackie Control XT. See Mackie Control: Assignment Zone.

V-Pots and V-Selects 9 to 32

These V-Pots have additional functionality in different view modes.

In Mixer (multi-channel) views, the V-Pots in rows 2, 3, and 4 usually edit the parameter that follows the parameter edited on row 1. For example, in Pan/Surround Mixer view, row 1 edits the pan/surround angle, row 2 edits surround diversity, row 3 edits LFE level, and row 4 edits spread.

In Channel view, all four rows represent a group of 32 editable parameters.

In Effect and Instrument Edit views, the C4 can be split into two groups (8/24, 16/16, or 24/8 parameters). See SPLIT Button.