Setting Up Your Mackie HUI

HUI control surface devices don’t support automatic scanning. You need to manually add these devices to your setup. When you add a device in this way, you need to assign the MIDI In and Out port parameters.

To set up Mackie HUI devices
  1. Make sure that your HUI devices are connected bidirectionally with the computer, using a MIDI interface.

  2. Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Setup.

  3. Choose New > Install in the Setup window.

  4. Select HUI in the Install window.

  5. Click the Add button.

  6. Select the added device in the Setup window, then set the MIDI In and MIDI Out parameters as appropriate.

Tips for Setting Up Other HUI-Compatible Devices

If the unit emulates a single HUI device, proceed as if using a HUI.

If you experience problems in the DSP Edit display, install the unit as a DM2000. See Yamaha DM2000.

If the unit emulates more than one HUI, add the required number of additional devices in the Setup window. If the unit is limited to support of only one HUI DSP Edit section, choose “HUI Channel Strips only” as the model name for these additional units. This ensures that scrolling in the DSP Edit section is limited to four parameters.

If you want to know more about button assignments, refer to Mackie HUI: Assignment Overview, and the user manual for the device.