Setting Up Your Korg microKONTROL and KONTROL49

Follow the steps below to use your control surface with Logic Pro.

To set up your control surface with Logic Pro
  1. Ensure that your control surfaces are connected to the computer via USB.

  2. Open Logic Pro.

    The devices are scanned for, and installed automatically. The microKONTROL/KONTROL49 is automatically set to Native mode; internal Scene settings are ignored.

Note: If installation and identification fails, it may be possible that the microKONTROL/KONTROL49 reaction time is too slow due to USB bus-power issues. In this situation, connect the supplied power adapter, and set the power switch to the DC position.

When you quit Logic Pro (or delete the control surface icon in the Control Surfaces Setup window), the microKONTROL/KONTROL49 is reset to normal (not native) operation.