Snap to items in the timeline

The snapping feature in Final Cut Pro makes it easier and quicker to do things like line up a video clip with an audio clip or align the playhead to a particular marker. When snapping is turned on, items you move in the timeline appear to jump, or “snap,” directly to certain points. This can help you quickly line up edits with other items in the project.

Snapping affects the functions of many of the editing tools in Final Cut Pro, including the Select tool, the Trim tool, the Position tool, the Range Selection tool, and the Blade tool. Several elements trigger snapping in the timeline:

You can turn snapping on or off, even while you’re dragging a clip. For example, if you’re trying to move a clip only a few frames among a series of markers and clip boundaries, you can turn off snapping so that the clip doesn’t snap to any of these points.

Turn snapping on or off

Do one of the following:

Tip: To turn snapping on or off temporarily, hold down the N key. When you release the N key, snapping reverts to its previous state.