Pitch Shifter II

Pitch Shifter II provides a simple way to combine a pitch-shifted version of the signal with the original signal.

Figure. Pitch Shifter II window.

Note: The following three parameters are active only when “Manual” is chosen in the Timing pop-up menu.

Follow these steps when pitch shifting
  1. Set the Semi Tones slider for the amount of transposition, or pitch shift.

  2. Set the Cents slider for the amount of detuning.

  3. Click the Drums, Speech, or Vocals button to select the algorithm that best matches the material you are working with.

    If you are working with material that doesn’t fit any of these categories, experiment with each of the algorithms (starting with Speech), compare the results, and use the one that best suits your material.

    Tip: While auditioning and comparing different settings, it’s often a good idea to temporarily set the Mix parameter to 100%, as Pitch Shifter II artifacts are easier to hear.