Test Oscillator

The Test Oscillator is useful for tuning studio equipment and instruments, and can be inserted as both an instrument or effect plug-in. It operates in two modes, generating either a static frequency or a sine sweep.

In the first mode (default mode), it starts generating the test signal as soon as it is inserted. You can switch it off by bypassing it. In the second mode (activated by clicking the Sine Sweep button), Test Oscillator generates a user-defined frequency spectrum tone sweep—when triggered with the Trigger button.

Figure. Test Oscillator window.
  • Waveform buttons: Select the type of waveform to be used for test tone generation.
    • The Square Wave and Needle Pulse waveforms are available as either aliased or anti-aliased versions—the latter when used in conjunction with the Anti Aliased button.

    • Needle Pulse is a single needle impulse waveform.

    • If the Sine Sweep button is active, the fixed oscillator settings in the Waveform section are disabled.

  • Frequency knob and field: Determines the frequency of the oscillator (default is 1 kHz).
  • Sine Sweep button: Generates a sine wave sweep (of the frequency spectrum you set with the Start Freq and End Freq fields).
  • Time field: Sets the duration of the sine wave sweep.
  • Start Freq and End Freq fields: Drag vertically to define the oscillator frequency at the beginning and end of the sine sweep.
  • Trigger button and pop-up menu: Click the Trigger button to trigger the sine sweep. Choose the behavior of the Trigger button in the pop-up menu:
    • Single: Triggers the sweep once.
    • Continuous: Triggers the sweep indefinitely.
  • Level slider and field: Determines the overall output level of the Test Oscillator.