About the Destinations Tab

You use the Destinations tab together with the Inspector window to create, modify, or remove your destination settings and add file identifiers to your output media filename.

Figure. Destinations tab and corresponding destination settings in the Inspector window.

The Destinations tab contains the following items.

  • Destinations list: This lists destination names and pathnames.

    There are four default destinations in the Apple folder: Cluster Storage is a cluster’s scratch storage location; Desktop is the user’s Desktop folder; Source is the same folder from which the source media file originated; and User's Movies Folder is the Movies folder in the user's home folder.

    Note: Cluster Storage applies only to installations of Compressor that have distributed processing enabled.

  • Duplicate button: Makes a copy of the selected destination, placing it in the Custom folder. Using this option allows you to create a new destination from a preexisting destination, which you can then adjust according to your needs, rather than creating a new destination from scratch.
  • Delete (–): Removes a selected custom destination from the Destinations tab immediately. You are not asked for confirmation, so be sure you want to remove the destination before clicking this button.

    Note: You cannot remove the destinations from the Apple folder.